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Standard and Function of Double Head Bolts

Mechanical properties of fasteners GB 3098.1 Mechanical properties of bolts, screws, studs and nuts GB 3098.6 Mechanical properties of fasteners Stainless steel bolts, screws, studs and nuts GB 3103.1 Tolerance bolts, screws and nuts GB 5267 thread fasteners Electroplated GB 5779.1 fasteners Surface defects - Bolts, screws and studs - General requirements GB 577 9.3 Surface Defects of Fasteners - Bolts, Screws and Screws - Special Requirements



High strength double head bolts, made of 35, 45, 35CrMoA, 25Cr2MoV, 304, 316, 304L,

316L, 2H, 2HM, B7, B7M, B16, B8, B8M, 8M are widely used in electric power, chemical industry, oil refining, valves, railways, bridges, steel structures, automobile and friction parts and other fields.

Double-head bolt function: generally used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, suspension towers, large-span steel structures and large buildings.

Representation method of double-head bolt: general double-head bolt is M12 * 100 GB 901-88 (standard) 35 # / 35 # (material) 8.8 / 8 (modulation level). Meaning: diameter = 12 mm length = 100 mm GB 901-88 is the national standard (of course, industry standard can also be adopted as required).

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